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Chocolate breeding planned for August 2023
4XGMPR OGF Woodrow MH QA2 x HRCH Sasha MH

Woodrow and Sasha is a long awaited pairing that our kennel manager Sammie Harms has been waiting for.  Woodrow was bred a few years back to Sadie, Sasha's littermate sister and the results were some of the most gorgeous chocolate Labrador Retrievers ever produced here at Southfork.  Much of the same is expected in this cross, and it will be Sasha's retirement litter.  After this, Sasha will run hunt tests and enjoy the retired life! 

Woodrow is what we consider to be as versatile of a Labrador as you can find.  Woodrow points upland game (achieved a 4X Grand Master Pointing Retreiver title) but is also an AKC Master Hunter and earned a qualified all-age designation.  The dog can do it all, and is quite a specimen when it comes to his physical build.  We would love to see these dogs in hunting and hunt test homes but they will do great as active family pets as well.

Sasha is expected in heat sometime in July/August timeframe, but of course we cannot control mother nature.

Puppies will be $2500 and a non-refundable $500 deposit is required to reserve a spot.






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