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Labrador Puppies in Wisconsin and Golden Retriever Puppies in Wisconsin and Illinois

Southfork Retrievers will have a few litters per year.  Our litters are selectively bred for looks, temperament, health and trainability.  I’d be lying if I told you we weren’t also trying to breed very stylish working retrievers!  With all of that in mind, most of our clients are adding their puppy to their home, so family companions are the goal regardless of how much hunting or hunt testing is in your scope.

Raising a puppy should be an enjoyable experience. It is critical to raise a puppy in a well structured environment where socialization and learning is always taking place.  Whether you are seeking a Labrador Retriever or a Golden Retriever, Southfork can help!  We are here to help you have the most success with your Southfork puppy!  Please contact us for more details!

Nothing is more important when selecting a puppy than looking at genetics and overall health.  Southfork’s breeding stock is comprised of dogs that have OFA certified elbows, eyes and hips.  All of our dogs are also “Clear/Normal” when it comes to Energy Induced Collapse (EIC) and Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM).  Our Goldens are also tested for PRA, Ichthyosis and NCL.  It does not stop there!  Our dogs represent the demeanor, intelligence, looks and trainability that we would want in a dog.  After all, to get your ideal puppy you need to breed sires and dams that exemplify the desired qualities.

All of our dogs spend time in our home.  All of our dogs hunt.  We also participate in AKC hunt tests and various upland venues.  Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are some of the most versatile dogs and ours are no exception.

Our kennel is cleaned and disinfected daily, dogs undergo all monthly preventative care and every dog in our program is health tested (OFA and genetic disorders).  Along with our written 26 month health guarantee our puppies are high quality genetics and out of dogs that are cared for at the greatest level.  When it comes to great dogs, you will get what you pay for!

We operate on a deposit basis which means puppy selection is in order of deposits recieved.  Often times we have deposits well in advance of a litter being born, but that is not required.  Deposits are non-refundable. Clients submit deposits to reserve a puppy based on color and gender and it is our responsibility to provide you that puppy. Please make sure you are certain of wanting to add our puppy to your family BEFORE you place a deposit!  For those not wanting to commit a deposit, we offer a waitlist that does not require a deposit.  The waitlist is contacted when puppies are available.  All deposit reservations do get priority. Remember, the biggest part of the selection process is the breeder and their dogs that make up the breeding program.  Once you have made that choice, we recommend making cosmetic items like color a secondary part of your selection.  The most important aspect of your new dog is that he or she turns out to be the dog you desire!

We understand the excitment of adding a puppy to your family!  We want you to be excited, but we also need everyone to understand that it is unsafe for all puppies to be subjected to outside germs prior to being vaccinated.  Puppies are succeptable to all kinds of bacteria and viruses at young ages with their building immune systems.  We do not allow visits for this reason.  Other reasons early visitation of puppies is a bad idea is the stress it can cause the mothers, and the fact that one litter's worth of visitors may consist of as many as 10 or 11 families wanting to visit.  This is extrememly difficult to accomodate on our end as we are a working family as well.







  Southfork Retrievers
Trevor, Wisconsin