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Started Labrador and Golden Retrievers in Wisconsin and Illinois

Occasionally we will hold dogs back to sell as started dogs closer to the hunting season.  This depends on capacity, and how many dogs are in training.  If we do not have a started dog, we are always willing to offer consulting on anything related to retrievers and assist you with finding a started dog.  Southfork will sell puppies on a started dog contract where we raise and train puppies for clients (standard training rates apply).

Southfork Started Dog Program
Within our breeding and training program, it is possible that we have dogs or puppies available.  Often times, we will bring puppies in from outside genetics for us to train, evaluate and start.  This allows us to evaluate other genetics to consider adding to our program.  Unfortunately, we only have so much room, so we will offer puppies as started dogs.  The term "started" could mean a lot of things.  We will be transparent about where a puppy or dog is at in our program, whether it be early stages of training such as crate training, bird introduction, place board work and treat conditioned behavioral shaping obedience work, or formalized training such as collar conditioned to obedience, trained retrieve or any field work.

Please inquire to us to ask about availability.  We will have new puppies here late October 2022 to begin our started dog program that will be available (chocolate, black).




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