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HRCH UH Timber MH x SHR Jamo
We are very excited to announce a highly anticipated breeding between Timber and Jamo!  While timing is out of our hands, this litter will be ready to go home the weekend before Christmas, which is extra special.

Jamo has consistently produced excellent puppies that are intelligent, trainable and suited for the home and field.  Several of our clients enjoy Jamo puppies simply as active lifestyle companions and pets and are quite pleased.  Timber is a dog that is 100% a house dog and family pet, but also a very strong player in the hunt test game.  He is a Hunting Retriever Champion in the HRC, as well as earned his UH title ("Upland Hunter" also in the HRC).  Timber also has his AKC Master Hunter title.  He is a laid back, easy going dog that is highly social and manageable.  We love his "Off switch" and we hope that his attributes compliment Jamo's amazing temperament

This litter is a great fit for any active lifestyle home and especially homes that will pursue dog sports (not just hunting related sports).  Whether you want a hiking buddy, running buddy, hunting dog or even a dock diving dog or agility/obedience dog, this breeding should be perfect.

Both parents are all health clearances, accompanied with exceptional genetics and pedigree to back it.

HRCH UH Redwing's Select Cut Timber MH "Timber" is sired by a top producing sire in the HRC Choctaw's Yukon Copper Penny MH MNH4** (Copper).  Timber has also sired a litter that was repeated where several of the offspring earned hunt test titles and some passing the HRC Grand at just 2 years of age.  We know he is a producer, and we know Jamo's puppies have been great.  This is an exciting breeding!

Pups will be $2500
Now taking reservations.  $500 non-refundable deposits will be required once pregnancy is confirmed.

Our process:
We are always evolving and changing our practices to best service our forever families for our puppies.  We like to have selection go in order of deposits received, but we have also had issues where clients select puppies on criteria that doesn't exactly align temperament and tendencies with the best household.  For example, the non-hunting home selecting the most driven pup simply because of color shade.  We would really like to help match our clients with the puppy best suited for their home.  When you inquire, please specify exactly what you are looking for in a dog so we can do that.

Please note: our program sends puppies home at 7 weeks of age (give or take).  They will have their 6 week vaccine as well as weekly worming treatments.  This is a great time to begin crate training, socializing and initial puppy integration into the home/family.  We will not hold puppies until Christmas eve, sorry!  
Jordan  Shriner Female
Betsey Rubak Female
Haylie Trentz Female
Sylvia Birnbaum Male
Brittany  Stevens Male
Kimbery Vos Vos Male
Kelsey & Jeremy Reusch male
Brandyn & Madison Dahlquist Male





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Trevor, Wisconsin